Why Should I Grow a Beard?

Why Should I Grow a Beard?

We beard bearers are masculine, tough and wise. At least we hope we are perceived that way. In recent years, bearded men are increasingly seen on billboards and in movies. The beard has become modern again and socially acceptable. That is why more and more men give their razors a break and hit the hairy side of life. Over here, the grass IS actually a bit greener. But not all the bald faces understand this incontrovertible fact and ask us again and again why we grow a beard.

Every beard bearer is different and has his own reasons that made him turn to the bearded way of life. But the actual causes are often much simpler and more obvious than one would expect. So in a nutshell, here are 5 reasons why men really grow a beard.

1. Beards Look Cool

This should really not surprise anyone. Beards look just good, well, at least for most men. Whether you wear a shorter manicured beard or make your mane grow wild – you leave a much more marked impression on others. A beard gives you a presence that you can not reach in any other way. You don’t have to do anything except letting your hair grow its natural way. Then you look a lot more masculine, more self-confident and easily trusted to build your own log cabin in Canada. So if you want to change your look to make a statement there is just no way around this wise statement: GROW A BEARD.

2. Council of Others

For some of us, the desire for a beard is not reason enough to lay down the razor. Sometimes it takes the advice of another person to give us the necessary confidence to explore the unknown realms of facial hair. Especially, of course, if that person is someone we value. It is this little bit of extra courage that we have missed and is now motivating us to change our lives for the better. And at some point you are the one who encourages a friend to do the same. Spread the bearded news!

3. Stay Warm

Many generations of men didn’t grow a beard to make them feel more attractive, but because they had no choice. The beard served to protect against the harsh winters in colder regions and kept the faces warm. Even today there are cold winters, rain, storms, ice and snow. So a beard can still fulfill its original purpose.

4. Laziness

It may surprise you, but most men grow their first (or hundredth) beard out of sheer laziness. Shaving – and every man can confirm that – is simply no fun. It takes time, nerves and can even hurt. How do you best avoid these mental and physical torments? You just keep your fingers off the razor. Of course, at a certain point, it can be beneficial to cut and trim a few spots. But in the bigger picture, you can simply grow your beard in its natural way without intervention.

5. Hide What’s Underneath

In addition to the aura of masculinity that surrounds you, beards have the advantage of providing a great way to change your facial features and influence which parts of your face you see or prefer to remain in seclusion. Younger men can hide bad skin or acne when they grow a beard. Stronger men with a less defined jaw or chin will get a more masculine facial outline and can even perfectly conceal a double chin. Scars, if wanted, liver spots and birthmarks also disappear under the face rug. Of course, you should always stand by yourself and your appearance. But just because you were born without a beard, doesn’t mean that he can’t become part of your identity.

You want to grow a beard? Start now!

So no matter for what reason you choose to grow a beard – the main thing is, you have make that decision. After all, it is already said in an old proverb: A man without a beard is like a bread without a crust.

So where to start? Here are some Beard Guides that will help you decide:

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