Grow a Full Beard – Epitome of Masculinity

Grow a Full Beard – Epitome of Masculinity

In the past, to grow a full beard was only for lumberjacks and Santa Claus. For some years now, however, you can see beards everywhere. What a wonderful sight! And to grow a full beard is still trendy! He makes you more masculine, self-confident and authoritarian.

Now, of course, full beards differ. And whoever believes, to grow a full beard means that you just don’t have to shave anymore, is wrong. The way to grow a full beard is difficult and requires patience. The beard care is relatively complex. And, of course, to even call it a full beard, it has to be a correspondingly strong and dense beard.

How Long Does It Take to Grow a Full Beard?

How fast and dense your beard grows depend on a few individual factors. Such as your genes or your nutrition for example. As a guideline, however, you can assume that your whiskers – just like your scalp hair – grows about 0.35 to 0.4 millimeters per day. So you have to wait about 125 days for your beard to grow 2 inches (5 centimeters). In a year, your beard grows about 6 inches (15 centimeters).

You’re probably wondering if you can speed it up a bit. The answer is: Unfortunately no. There are a few ways to make your beard fuller and thicker, but you can barely control the speed at which your hair grows. By the way, the myth that hair grows faster after shaving is also a lie. So stay away from razors! Unless of course, you use it for trimming.

If you have not worn a beard yet, you need to be extra patient. After all, it can take a while for your beard to grow evenly and to get a good shape.

Good beard growth is in most cases also a matter of age: the older you get, the thicker and fuller your beard becomes.

Do You Have to Shave a Full Beard?

If you don’t want to join the Ragnar Lodbrok team, the answer is yes.

Of course I don’t mean you should shave off your full beard. But you have to trim it and even it out to grow a full beard and not just wild growth in your face.

If you want to wear your full beard relatively short, it is best to use an electric beard trimmer with attachment. If you prefer to grow a full beard longer, you should keep it in shape with a pair of beard scissors. The beard is getting thinner and thinner down to a “goatee” if you don’t cut the tips regularly. The beard scissors are also important for trimming your mustache so it doesn’t grow into your mouth. For a good looking full beard, it is also important to keep the cheek line and neckline in shape. A wet shaver or an electric beard trimmer will yield the best results.

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Brush Your Full Beard

To make sure your beard looks well-groomed, it is important to comb or brush it well at least once a day. The brushing is a kind of a wellness holiday for your beard:

  • Brushing untangles your beard and ensures a neat look.
  • When brushing, foreign objects such as dandruff, leftovers, dirt, crumbs and dead whiskers are removed from the beard. Brushing keeps your beard clean.
  • Brushing stimulates the hair follicles and can thus contribute to a healthy and strong beard growth.
  • The skin fat is evenly distributed in the beard during brushing. Your whiskers will be supplied with important nutrients. They also become smoother and can form a natural protective mantle that prevents them from drying out.

If you brush your beard regularly, you can also prevent problems such as beard dandruff, beard tickling and beard itching. So go get that brush!

Among the bearded, brushes made of boar bristles have prevailed more and more in recent years. These are well suited for the strong, sometimes stubborn whiskers, without scratching or causing damage to the hair structure.

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What Is the Difference Between a Beard Brush And a Beard Comb?

While the beard brush is more likely to disentangle and care for your beard, you can use a beard comb for the styling and shaping of your beard. Most beard combs are made of wood to avoid static electricity.

For a dense, longer beard you should use a beard comb whose spikes are slightly thicker and farther apart. If the comb spikes are too close together, you only knot your beard and rip out individual whiskers. Don’t do that to your beard and be kind!

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Make an Effort Washing Your Beard

Any beard that is longer than a three-day beard must be washed with shampoo, just like your hair. Your whiskers become greasy and dirty in everyday life which is quite normal. It is even more important that you wash them properly every 2-3 days. Don’t just rinse your beard with water for a short time!

For shampooing your full beard, you best use a beard shampoo without parabens and sulfates. This may be a special beard shampoo, but it doesn’t have to be. Pay more attention to the ingredients than to the name.

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Should You Blow Dry Your Beard?

Better not. First, it is important that you dry off your beard well after washing. Under no circumstances should you use the “rubbing technique”, but only dab the beard well with a towel until it is only damp. You should better abstain from the blow-drying if it can be avoided. The hot air will dry your skin under the beard and may increase problems such as beard dandruff and beard itch. If you still have to resort to the hair dryer because you don’t have enough time for the natural drying process, then don’t choose the hottest level.

After drying your beard, it is also time for an extra drop of beard oil.

Every Beard Needs a Good Beard Oil

So we have arrived at the final – and perhaps most important – care for full beards: Use beard oil – daily. You can use beard oil as a styling product to get your full beard into shape. But it’s even more important to use after washing to protect your beard from drying out. The market for beard oils has increased immensely in recent years. Even drugstore chains now stock their own beard oil brands. Basically: Pay less attention to brand and price, but more to the ingredients. Your beard oil should only be a mixture of different base and essential oils without containing additional preservatives.

When choosing your oil, you should also pay attention to the bottle itself: some beard oils are sold in pump bottles, others in pipette bottles. Just try out what is more practical for you. I myself am an absolute pump-bottle advocate.

With beard oil you not only supply your beard with moisture and nutrients, but give it a neat appearance and a pleasant scent.

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