How To Fight Beard Itch

How To Fight Beard Itch

The Itch Comes Before the Full Beard

The bad news right at the beginning. If you’ve just decided to grow a full beard, the hardest part lies just ahead of you: the itching phase. All beards have to overcome this first stock test. As long as the whiskers are short and stubbly, they irritate your facial skin, which usually leads to beard itch. This of course gets worse the more you give in to the urge to scratch.

If your beard itches, you’re probably longing back to your clean-shaven past. It is annoying and one of the main reasons for budding beard bearer to shave. But no one told you that it would be easy. No full beard has fallen from the sky yet.

Stay Strong – Don’t Shave!

Because that is precisely the cause of the itching. It’s a vicious circle. If you shave your whiskers, the hair gets a sharp edge. If you want to grow a beard again, it is precisely these sharp edges that cause the itching by rubbing the tips of the whiskers on the skin or sting them.

So you have to stick to it and the problem should be resolved after 1 to 3 weeks, as the hair tips become dull and no longer cause skin irritation. And during this time special facial care products, which are suitable for the first growth phase of your beard, will alleviate the beard itch.

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Does the Beard Itch When the First Phase of Growth Is Over?

Here is the second bad news. Yes, many seasoned beard bearers suffer from beard itch, which does not come from new, stubbled whiskers. The cause of this itching is almost always dry skin. Only in rare cases is a skin disease the root cause. If the itching is extremely severe and is accompanied by redness, beard dandruff or a rash, you should consult a dermatologist. In all other cases, you should just follow a few basic rules.

1. Don’t Scratch

It’s like chickenpox, mosquito bites or sunburn. If something itches and you scratch it, the itching gets temporarily better, but only worse in the long term. By scratching you irritate your already bad tempered skin in addition and level the way for beard dandruff. Through your fingers also countless germs and bacteria get in your beard, which settle on your irritated skin and bring you in the worst case – an unsightly rash. So: Stay away – endure the beard itch like a bearded man.

2. Take a Cold Shower

Beard Wash Paraben FreeHot water dries out the skin and destroys its natural oil layer. If you clean your face, you should use cold water for that (or lukewarm if you are too self-pitying). That’s a lot more masculine and pretty refreshing as well. Use a simple shampoo without silicones or parabens and don’t wash your beard daily, but only 2-3 times a week.

3. Use Beard Oil

A few drops of beard oil help against the beard itch and moisturise your skin. In addition, beard oil makes your beard softer, more shiny and also provides a pleasantly masculine scent.

If you’re just beginning your bearded life (or want to permanently wear a really short beard), you can also use a special moisturizer that calms and nourishes your skin. Basically, beard oil is always better than creams and lotions – unless you only have a three-day beard. Then the oil would only leave a shiny film on your skin.

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