Do Beard Growth Products Really Help?

Do Beard Growth Products Really Help?

First of all, nobody is perfect – not even our beards. All of our beards suffer under Bad-Beard-Day sooner or later. Some even hit beard dandruff or uneven and patchy beard growth. This is simply because different factors such as age, diet, genetic predisposition and lifestyle influences our beard growth. Learn more about these relationships here: –> How to Improve Your Beard Growth in 5 Easy Steps. The short version: The healthier you live and the better you feel, the better your beard growth will be most of the time. To help the natural go smoother though, many beard bearers think about beard growth products. Especially with younger men or with freshly baked beard bearer the beard growth still has to develop. And nobody wants to wait to wear a lush full beard as a sign of pure masculinity.

No Critic?

I’m totally with you. You want your full beard as soon as possible. But maybe thoughts are going through you head like:

  • Hair restorers are only for old men.
  • What if the chemicals damage my beard?
  • Are the side effects really worth it?
  • And above all, beard growth products don’t work anyway … Or are they?

One by one, we’ll rock the child and bring your beard to new splendor.

When Should You Resort to Beard Growth Products?

The answer is simple. Use beard growth products only when it really needs to be. You must be aware that your fellow human beings are not as critical of your beard as you are. Most will probably not even notice that your beard growth is uneven or slightly weaker than others.

In addition, you should only choose beard growth products as the famous “last resort”. Before going there, you should make sure that you properly take care of your beard. Inform yourself about the appropriate beard care. Eat healthy, drink enough and don’t expose your beard  to extreme cold or heat, salt water or chlorine and long UV radiation too often.

And above all. Be patient! If you have just decided to go the bearded way of life, your beard must first find its on way. Give it a few months or a year to unfold and find its natural form.

It’s still a good idea to consider a beard growth products if you:

  • generally have a weak and / or uneven beard growth, which doesn’t regulate itself after a few months
  • have been suffering from hair loss in the beard for several weeks
  • already have completely bald spots in your beard

Please don’t use any beard growth products WITH MEDICINAL ingredients, if you just:

  • want to have a full beard faster,
  • want to have a really long full beard faster.

Hair Restorer or Dietary Supplement?

You can improve your beard growth with hair restorers or nutritional supplements. Both can, but don’t have to help. You can also use both at the same time, but then you’ll never know which beard growth products really have helped you. There are plenty of hair growth products and nutritional supplements that promise you and your beard growth great results. Which one you choose is usually a matter of feeling. You should know how each product works and then choose the option that will give you the best result. There is unfortunately no “right” or “wrong” – just a lot of “maybe” …

Differences In the Application

Hair conditioners are usually applied to the affected areas of your beard and act primarily locally. Possible side effects of the beard growth products(for example, skin irritation) are usually limited to the treated areas. Dietary supplements, on the other hand, are taken in pill or capsule form and therefore always have an effect on your whole body. That is why you should carefully read the package manual and strictly adhere to the recommended dosage. Otherwise it can lead to an over-supply of certain nutrients which leads to indigestion and many other problems. Discuss long-term use of dietary supplements with your doctor!

The Most Commonly Used Hair Restorer Are:

  • Minoxidil (eg in Rogaine/Regaine or Alopexy) – has long been on the market; proven as a hair restorer for men with hereditary hair loss; but does not work for everyone; Side effects such as itching is possible.
  • Redensyl (eg contained in iRestore) – innovative active substance with greater effect than Minoxidil; little experience with long-term use; does not work for everyone; Side effects such as itching are also possible.

The Most Useful Dietary Supplements of the Beard Growth Products Are:

Miracle Drug Minoxidil – Does It Really Help?

If you’re researching a solution to your beard growth problem, you’ll come across this magic word again and again. Minoxidil is traded as a miracle weapon against hereditary hair loss and has been in vogue for men with thinning hair for a long time. There have been clinical studies investigating the effectiveness of Minoxidil and only came to a moderate result: Minoxidil visibly improved hair growth in about 25% of all study participants. Unfortunately, you don’t know if you belong to the happy quarter where this particular beard growth products work until you have tried Minoxidil.

How to apply Minoxidil correctly

The most well-known regrowth agent Rogaine (Regaine in EU) inculdes the active ingredient Minoxidil, but you can find it also in other agents such as Alopexy. Since Rogaine (Regaine in EU) is the most widely used hair restorer with the most experience, I recommend you try it first.

As a beard growth products Minoxidil is available in pill form, as a solution or foam, which is applied directly to the skin. You should rather keep your hands off the pills, as doctors prescribe these as antihypertensives and act completely different than ones for applying on the skin!

You have to apply the solution daily – preferably in the evening – to the affected areas in your beard and let it react. Depending on the solution or foam, the application is slightly different, so please read the leaflet. For example, if you use Rogaine Foam, you must not moisten your beard for at least four hours. In any case, you should not reach into your eyes or mouth with your fingers and wash your hands thoroughly after use.

On Amazon: Men’s Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Foam for Hair Loss and Hair Regrowth, Topical Treatment for Thinning Hair, 3-Month Supply

I recommend the application in the evening, so you don’t have to change your morning beard care – including beard wash and use of beard oil. Because of course, your beard still needs your fullest attention for the care, even if you use beard restorer.

Top rated on Amazon: Honest Amish – Classic beard oil – 2oz

How Long Does It Take For Minoxidil to Work?

After about three months, you can expect first results. For some it takes even six months. It is best to take a picture of your beard every one or two weeks. So you can best estimate how well the beard growth products actually work.

How Expensive Is the Application?

If your beard growth is getting better and denser with Minoxidil, you need to be aware that the effect is likely to fade away as soon as you stop using it. For your beard this means: Daily Minoxidil for the rest of his beard life. Of course that’s also a cost issue. 60 grams of Rogaine foam will last about a month when used sparingly. So you have to calculate 20 to 30 Dollars per month for beard growth products – that’s at least 240 to 360 Dollars a year. If it’s worth your money decide best by photo comparison.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Since Minoxidil are only suitable for external use, any side effects are usually limited to the treated areas of the skin. It is possible – but not common! – that the affected areas of the skin become drier, begin to itch and irritated. In this case, it is best to stop using Minoxidil and first consult your dermatologist. Also possible is the so-called “shedding effect”, in which hair, which is no longer active, fail. This gives the impression that the beard restorer achieves the opposite effect: namely an increased hair loss. As a rule, this effect lasts only a few weeks and then passes into the improved, stronger hair growth. If the shedding effect is particularly severe on you also stop using Minoxidil and see a doctor before continuing to use this or any other hair restorer.

Innovative Active Ingredient: Redensyl As an Alternative to Minoxidil?

A few years ago, a new anti-hair loss drug attracted a great deal of attention. Redensyl was awarded the In-Cosmetics Silver Award for innovative drugs in 2014 and has since claimed to be particularly effective on hair follicle stem cells. In a study (strangely the company that developed Redensy commissioned it!), Redensyl was found to have a significantly stronger effect than Minoxidil. I would like to refrain from comparing the two beard growth products, as it is very likely that one active ingredient will work better in some people than the other – and vice versa. After all, Minoxidil has the advantage of being the market leader for years, while Redensyl doesn’t yet have long-term applications.

A Special Beard Restorer With Great Promise – Beardix

Redensyl is the main ingredient in Beardix which has many supporters and resonance in style magazines. It promises:

  • Initial improvements in beard growth should be visible after just two months
  • Redensyl worked in a (not independent!) study in 85% of all subjects
  • Increase of beard growth by up to 214% in this study

The Benefit of Beardix. The beard restorer contains several other ingredients that are good for your beard and can stimulate beard growth, including caffeine, zinc and glycine.

How Expensive Is the Application?

The manufacturer states that 100ml Beardix last for two months. So you have monthly costs of about 17 to 20 Dollars, and therefore 204 to 240 Dollars annually. Redensyl is thus slightly cheaper than Rogaine (Minoxidil). But again, as soon as you stop the application, the positive effects on your beard growth will end.

Are There Any Side Effects?

As with all medications, Redensyl can also cause side effects that, like Minoxidil, should be limited to the affected areas of the skin. Itching, dryness of the skin and skin irritation are possible. If the side effects are persistent and / or very severe, you should stop the treatment and consult a doctor.

Eyelash Wonder Castor Oil Also Suitable For the Beard?

You have already used various beard restorative and nutritional supplements, your beard is always well cared for and you eat well … and yet you have bald spots in your beard or are you still dissatisfied with the overall appearance? There is one last trick a joker if you will: Castor Oil. Behind this strange name hides a serum that is supposed to make eyelashes and eyebrows stronger, longer and denser. Theoretically, the eyelash serum can also be used for the beard, since here too the goal is to stimulate hair growth. What works for eyebrows and eyelashes, could also work for beards. There is really nothing wrong with trying it out. Many men have tested it – some have been satisfied, others have shown no effect on Castor Oil. There are no studies to my knowledge yet.

Granted, it’s actually a women’s product. Don’t bother with the feminine look – Castor Oil may save you and help your beard regain its size. The emphasis is on “may” and “possibly”. As with all other hair restorers, Castorl Oil doesn’t predict if and how fast it will work for you.

On Amazon: Castor Oil (2oz) USDA Certified Organic, 100% Pure, Cold Pressed, Hexane Free by Kate Blanc.

Castor Oil For Smaller Bald Spots

Due to its size, Castor Oil might only be suitable for treating small bald spots in your beard. If you have a broader problem with your beard growth, Castor Oil is the worst possible remedy. For one it is relatively expensive and also relatively hard to apply with a very, very small brush made for female hands 😉.

Are there any side effects?

The natural use case for Castor Oil is around or near the eyes. So hopes are that it is a very compatible hair restorer. Side effects such as skin irritation are therefore unlikely (but not completely excluded).

The conclusion: Castor Oil is a good alternative for smaller bald spots in your beard, if you have tried other hair restorers already unsuccessfully. Please don’t expect miracles – we don’t guarantee any effect.

Which Dietary Supplements Are Useful?

It doesn’t always have to be the chemical club – you may also use supplements to jump start your beard growth. The disadvantage of dietary supplements is that you can’t apply them specifically to your beard locally, but they always act on your entire organism. For longer-term use of dietary supplements, you should therefore consult with your doctor, so you can exclude an over-supply of certain nutrients and clarify any side effects.


Biotin (also known as Vitamin B7 or Vitamin H) is considered to be especially good for strengthening hair, skin and nails. For many people, biotin actually promotes stronger hair growth and improves the structure of hair. But you should not expect that balding hair suddenly starts to grow in completely bald spots – this is unlikely with dietary supplements.

On Amazon: High Potency Biotin (10,000mcg) with Organic Coconut Oil; Supports Hair Growth, Glowing Skin and Strong Nails; 120 Mini-Veggie Softgels

The manufacturer recommends taking one pill a day. With this pack size you in for third of year. Your annual cost of biotin is therefore about 60 Dollars.

Zinc is also an important nutrient for healthy beard growth. There are dietary supplements that combine both nutrients – biotin and zinc. This pack is enough for third of year, so the annual cost would be about 35 Dollars. Since the pack size is relatively manageable (120 pills) it’s well worth a shot. If biotin and zinc help on the way to the voluminous beard keep it coming.

On Amazon: NOW Zinc Picolinate,120 Veg Capsules

Any Other Way To get Biotin?

Many foods contain Biotin! The concentration is of course much lower than in the capsules, but it definitely doesn’t hurt to go the natural route first and change your diet.

Biotin is included in:

  • Beef liver
  • Oatmeal
  • Peanuts
  • Wobble
  • Bananas
  • Herring


The dietary supplement Maca can improve your beard growth. Maca is a tuber from South America that is said to have a similar effect as testosterone on potency and hair growth. The maca root contains important nutrients such as L-arginine, calcium, magnesium, iron and potassium as well as traces of zinc and iodine.

On Amazon: Organic Maca Root Black, 950MG per capsule 150 vegan capsules Peruvian Maca Root Gelatinized 100% Pure Non-GMO supports Reproductive Health Natural Energizer

This dietary supplement also contains other nutrients, including zinc, which can have an additional positive effect on your beard growth. If you take one capsule daily, this pack size will be five months. Your annual cost of maca is about 45 Dollars.

Top rated on Amazon: Honest Amish – Classic beard oil – 2oz

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