How To Improve Your Beard Growth in 5 Easy Steps

How To Improve Your Beard Growth in 5 Easy Steps

The BEARD – a symbol of masculinity. He is like no other sign of power, wisdom, leadership and potency. Growing a beard is easy at first. Ffter all, you just have to leave the razor behind. But if it’s supposed to be a really thick beard, it gets a bit more complicated. Many men are dissatisfied with the results and want to improve their beard growth. But what tricks really help – and what are just a myths?

Successful Beard Growth


Young age is a common cause for weak or uneven beard growth. While the body has completed its growth at 18 years (in most cases), the beard growth (and the remaining body hair) continues to develop after your 18th birthday. And not just a few years, but decades. So even if you are already in your thirties rest assured: There’s more!


Hoest Amish Beard OilIt requires time, patience and care to grow a beard. You must not reach for the razor when the first beard itches start. After a while, the itching will stop by itself and your patience will be rewarded. But once your beard has grown, you still need to take care of it. It has to be trimmed to look good and not cause any skin problems. Good care favors a fuller beard growth. So get that beard oil!


Your genetic predispositions also play a major role in the expression of your beard growth. Some men just don’t have enough hair growth to make a beard. Others are lucky and can grow a considerable full beard within a few weeks.

Then again there are men who can grow a beard, but it grows unevenly or has bald spots. If you fall into this category however, there are a few things that you can change in your lifestyle to improve your situation. Some tricks work better than others, but it’s amazing what they can achieve if you followed through. Just try it!

1. Does the Beard Grow Faster After Shaving?

Ignore all these fairy tales. Shaving does NOT make hair thicker or grow faster. After shaving a part of the body, the hair seems to regrow slightly faster at first. But then it quickly returns to its normal growth rate. This is simply because the short stubbles appear darker – but that’s all just imagination. So you just wasted time. In that same time, you could have kept your beard growing and be a happier than average man.

2. Move Your Posterior Off the Sofa

Exercise – especially strength training – helps to stimulate the blood circulation and increases your testosterone levels. The rule is simple. The more testosterone (or dihydrotestosterone, a byproduct of testosterone) your body has, the better your beard growth. To keep your testosterone level high, make sure you sleep long enough and sleep well – always! This not only helps your beard, but also helps you feel better. In addition, vitamin D is important for the body’s production of the “male hormone”. For you that means: get some fresh air and sunlight! But don’t overdo it. Long-lasting UV radiation dries out your beard.

3. Pay Attention to Your Diet

No, I’m not talking about losing weight, although it might be good for some. I’m talking about a healthier diet. Especially enough protein. Hair is made of protein. Logically you should get enough protein. You can’t build a house without bricks. Also important are healthy fats that your body needs for testosterone production. These are included in nuts, coconut oil, avocados and many legumes. In addition, you should drink enough. And, if possible, at least sometimes hop-free drinks. Your body only works if you consume enough water. Although scientist debate about the exact numbers, I’d say it should be 2 liters per day, better 3 liters.

4. Take It Easy

That should come as no surprise. Just like a healthy diet and exercise, a low-stress life is key to a healthy body – and therefore a healthy beard. Due to a lot of stress, the testosterone level drops. Remember: Testosterone = Beard Growth = Masculinity. So try to avoid stress. It also means, not putting yourself and your beard under pressure. To grow a longer beard you need a bit of patience anyway. Your whiskers grow only about 0.4 millimeters a day. That makes 125 days waiting for a beard length of 5 centimeters.

5. Vitamins And Supplements

Dietary supplements can also improve your beard growth. Your diet affects the macronutrients like fat, protein and carbohydrates. But your body also needs micronutrients. Optimizing the intake of these micronutrients is important for a healthy organism – and therefore also for your beard. The magic word is biotin. Dermatologists recommend 2.5 mg Biotin per day. Biotin is also known as vitamin B7 or vitamin H and plays a major role in your metabolism, especially for the health of your skin, hair and nails. Biotin can strengthen and promote your beard growth.

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The vitamins B1, B6, B12, D and E as well as beta-carotene and linseed oil are important components of an optimal diet. Don’t worry, you don’t have to loot a pharmacy or buy expensive beard growth pills. The simple and cheap supplements contain the most important nutrients and don’t make you poor. However, they are not a panacea, but only meant to be a helping supplement for steps 1 to 4. If you take supplements over a period of half a year, you may also want to consult with your family doctor to avoid over-supply of certain nutrients and possible side effects.

Potent Hair Vitamins

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You should take one pill daily from this dietary supplement. In addition to biotin, it also contains other nutrients that are important for your beard, such as zinc, folic acid and vitamins B2, B6 and B12. It promises you:

  • Healthier and shinier hair
  • Hair growth improvement
  • Production of the natural oil of the skin is stimulated, thereby less itching and less beard dandruff

6. Try Hair Restorers

Yes exactly! Step 6 in a 5-step list. Normally, the first 5 steps should help you and improve your beard growth. Of course you need patience and maybe have to adjust your life a bit. The effect rarely occurs in the short period. However, if you have already heeded all that and still have problems with your beard growth, there is still an additional chance. So to speak, the ace in your sleeve: hair and beard restorer. These often have a controversial effect. Some swear by it, others don’t believe it. But if you’re desperate give it a try.

Which hair growth products really help? Read more.

Minoxidil, Rogaine, Regaine

If your hair is thinning, you may have heard of Minoxidil. Best known under the Rogaine brand (or Regaine in the EU). It’s probably the best product to make your hair grow (again) – whether it’s your main hair or your beard. Originally it was developed to treat high blood pressure, but the testers reported an unexpected improvement in their hair growth. So if you have problems with low blood pressure, you may want to keep your hands off Rogaine or seek medical advice.

Beard Growth with Rogaine RegaineMen’s Rogaine on Amazon. 5% Minoxidil Foam for Hair Loss and Hair Regrowth, Topical Treatment for Thinning Hair, 3-Month Supply

Rogaine is available as a foam or solution. The best application is to apply it once a day to your facial skin and let it take effect. After four hours you should moisten your facial skin to avoid the biggest side effect of Rogaine – itching. Whether the application is helpful for your beard problem, you should see after three to six months. A little tip: Take a picture of your beard every one or two weeks, so it’s easier to come to a conclusion. First of all, it has to be stated that hair restoratives don’t help all men. And  side effects can be quite annoying. So weigh well before you go down this way.

Alternatives to Rogaine

The Beard Care market is currently booming. That means you have a really large selection of beard care and grooming solutions that all promise small to medium sized miracles. There is just one thing you should be aware of. Hair or beard restorer CAN but don’t have to help. They react different with each man and beard. While one rejoices for a magnificent beard after only a few days, the other waits forever. Please inform youself well in advance about the ingredients and the effect of beard restorer. But in the end only one thing helps. Give it a try.

My suggestion for you:

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